“ITO” is a casual single-player game for mobile & tablet. The player controls the chameleon and changes its color to connect color-matched rings. The rings come and go so stay as long as possible in the game to achieve your best high score!
I was mostly responsible for the User Interface (UI) with a focus on a pleasing look for the costumers. I aimed to create the layout as clear as possible with no overwhelming and distracting elements. I also created the soundeffects for the game and assisted my team members with the Soundscripts.​​​​​​​
Team: I Chen Lin, Noah Dettki, Melwin Noe
2D Game | Tablet | Unity | 2. und 5. Semester, GAME DESIGN ba, HTW BERLIN
Project Coach: Prof. Susanne Brandhorst, Prof. Thomas Bremer, Sven-Thomas Gorholt
Personal Responsibilities:
Game Design | Level Design | Sound Design | Audio Programming | Production Design | Composing | Interface Design
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